Kurt Cobain's broken, unplayable guitar sold for nearly $600,000

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it’s kind of silly that they would emphasize that it’s unplayable, since that condition is part of what makes it noteworthy. i can’t imagine an auction of a broken guitar by Pete Townshend or a burned one from Jimi Hendrix would make a mention of their unplayability.

If I had just spent $600k on a guitar I would want to not play it.

But if I had spent $600k on a guitar I would also be a very different person than I actually am.

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… why is it silly to report noteworthy facts :confused:


Life imitates art:

“How much did you pay
For the chunk of his guitar
The one he ruthlessly smashed at the end of the show?
And how much will he pay
For a brand-new guitar
One which he’ll ruthlessly smash at the end of another show?
And how long will the workers
Keep building him new ones?”

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As long as the soda cans are red white and blue ones!

Someone could do a blistering cover of John Cage’s 4’33".


For most people, all guitars are unplayable.

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