You can check out neckties, briefcases, and handbags from the New York Public Library

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This is great, hope the local community is able to take advantage of this program :slight_smile:


I was frowning at the noun “checkout” in the headline when I accidentally clicked refresh and saw it magically split before my eyes. Are my psychic editing powers finally coming to maturity?


I hope they give a brief tutorial on how to tie a necktie. I for one wear that most useless of garments so infrequently that I can never remember…

Jeff Bezos is gonna be furious. Like, Trump-furious.

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Lucky Duck!!!

How delightful!

Usually when you hear about innovation in libraries, it’s misguided and embarrassing schemes to Reinvent the Library as a Connected Digital Meeting Place for 21st Century Ideas. But this captures what’s actually good and important about libraries, which is that they give everyone access to the raw materials of culture, even if you’re shut out of the financial and social silos where those materials are otherwise hoarded.

I mean, public education does the same thing on a much bigger scale, but libraries are, like, the critical after-sales support.

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