You can hijack a gene sequencer by hiding malware in a DNA sample


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That’s some impressive hacking right there. Fascinating stuff.


Did anyone else read that as “Unisex?”

Time for more caffeine…


Reminds me of a recent Rick & Morty episode.


Sounds like the plot for a new SF short story.

Hacker hacks his own somatic DNA to contain malware targeting the sequencers, makes himself genetically undetectable. Had to undergo constant medication to achieve the desired result.

Second volume title: epigenetics.

Hell, I’d love to read that, but I fear there’s not many fellow mutants who would love to write such a book.




Easily one of the coolest things I’ve ever read on this site.


Per today’s Reddit thread on the subject, this is sort of like saying your laptop can be made to overheat if you intentionally download a certain piece of malware and then follow the onscreen instructions it gives you about dousing your laptop with gasoline and setting it on fire.


Sounds like the kind of thing the Dyad Corporation would put into the Orphan Black clones. Possibly as a kind of DRM.


I’m surprised it wasn’t included in Paul McAuley’s Fairyland.


Every year, every article.


Finally, we know how Pickle Rick did it!


They should have been suspicious when they saw that the sample was from Bobby Droptables.

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