You can play the Hitchhiker's Guide game right now




You are likely to be eaten by a grue.


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Well shit!
Blocked by something random and arbitrary, just like in the HGG game.


One of the most important parts of that game was asking who you were. And not forgetting to take that little white pill.


And the aunt thing.


You do know that yesterday was MARCH 11th, right? Still a cool game :wink:


Here’s a better URL to play it without plugins, etc.:


Oh yes! I’d quite forgotten that! So much stuff depended on you dying early on and then trying to figure out where you’d gone wrong ten moves back. It was frustrating at times but so very Douglas Adams.


A much better choice for playing in a web browser: the BBC created an illustrated 20th anniversary edition, with two variants illustrated by fan artists.

(Don’t worry, it’s not a graphic adventure - still the same brilliant text-based deathtrap as the original. Just with bonus pictures.)

But Radio 4 extra just created an additional 30th anniversary version, with gratuitious social media “share” button for the modern era!


I bought that damned thing way back in the day and it drove me 1/2 insane. I believe I gave up on it before I even got off the Vogon ship.

When the BBC released that 20th anniversary version, I quite enjoyed playing it (with a walkthrough so I didn’t have to relieve the pain of frustration by bashing my head against the wall until I was unconscious).


Why does it require installation of a Chrome extension that isn’t available from the Chrome Web Store? Too suspicious for me.

EDIT: It also has permissions to read and change any data on your computer and websites you visit. Hmm.


The only hint I ever got was to feed the cheese sandwich to the small dog. That turned out to be surprisingly important later on.


Important for us all, friend. Important for us all.


Douglas Adams also wrote Bureaucracy for Infocom. That game is infinitely more insane than H2G2 game. Not sure I ever made it all the way through that one.


I second the recommendation of the BBC version. Please don’t futz around with Apple II emulation and browser plugins if you don’t have to.

I am proud to say I made it through the Babel Fish puzzle unaided, but I gave up wandering around the Heart of Gold trying to figure out how to slam the various spare parts together. I should give it another go sometime.

Too bad Bureaucracy is trapped in legal limbo. How ironic.


The part about tea made me so mad!


It was fun in 1986 but I tried it maybe 10-15 years ago and I am no longer trained to wait for 2600baud BBSs, the game might be fun for some but that second try was like beating my hand with a hammer to enjoy the pauses even without trying to remember how to translate Vogon poetry, eat my peanuts, find real tea, or how to confuse a fish eating robot.
I think I even hunted down a cheat file back in the 80s when that involved long distance calling and leaving messages everywhere in real and BBS bulletin board space.


Bureaucracy is a thing of Beauty! Unlike Hitchhikers’ there wasn’t a Media Empire of HGG versions to help figure out what to do next. I really enjoyed HGG (Amiga version) but Bureaucracy had me from the screen where I had to register my Blackberry Computer via an on-screen form.

The form was laid out sensibly but the “next field” tab was pretty random. The order was something like: Last Name, Zip Code, Street Address, middle third of serial number, First Name… Although easy enough to fill out it annoyed me at a cellular level and made me laugh at the same time. I think of it every time I need to write up a form or web page as my canonical example of what not to do to this day.

That one screen was one of the most perfect and elegant embodiments of unnecessary bureaucratic pain I’ve ever seen and may be my favorite Douglas Adams moment of all time, and that says a lot.

I sometimes wonder whether some web coders took it as a GOOD example.


And a graphic adventure “Starship Titanic”


This. The BBC illustrated version makes a very frustrating game slightly more enjoyable to play. Also much easier that mucking about with random emulators.

Mucking about with emulators to play Starship Titanic is totally worthwhile, however.