You can run DSL over wet string


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The premium we pay to be with A&A is totally justified when they do things like this. :hugs:


I’m pretty sure my ISP has been doing this for years.




Yea, but then you have to pay a guy to keep going out and wetting your string.


You can run DSL over wet string

Then why does my DSL go down every time it rains?


You have to be careful doing this.

Ajit Pai treats the presence of 1or more pieces of damp string in the same zip code as being evidence of a competitive broadband market.


Needs to be salt water.


But it can’t run over a piece of wet copper, or at least that’s why VZ said they wanted to run fiber into my house (after which they charged me less).


This explains my internet. Always wondered how I got internet at all, considering the techs that helped us get it running to my apartment described my building’s phone lines as a rotten rats nest of broken wires.


3.5 Mbps ?!

My DSL runs over copper, and I can get only 768 kbps. Granted, it goes more than two meters, but c’mon!


In the UK, that’s not a problem. Maybe salting it now and then, due to dilution…


Your basic String Theory with some thread entanglement


Premium is indeed correct, i wish they weren’t quite so expensive because they are fighting the good fight over increased surveillance in this country.





It dilutes the salt.


You can run DSL over wet string

In fact, in many parts of Australia’s internet infrastructure, it already does!


Jesus. 768 kbps? Where do you live?

I just checked and my ISP won’t sell me anything less than 40Mbit/s.


In the grand scheme of things, they’re not really that expensive. There’s a few quid a month in it compared to other semi decent ISPs.