Someone made a map of every Internet-connected cable under water

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it’s hard to tell exactly but it looks like the us financial sector (nyc) is edging out the us tech sector (silicon valley) in terms of connections. i don’t know if the la area is considered tech or entertainment or both.

hmmmm :thinking:


Oh, ho ho! The financial sector has been privately trying to outmaneuver the rest of the market for years now, if not decades. Those cables offer a slight advantage in speed over the regular Joe.


Maybe it’s Captain Nemo aka Anonymous who’s chewing the cables?

So this is why my internet is so slow.


Illegal fishing has busted some before, and the beavers! Beware the beaver menace.

̶S̶o̶m̶e̶o̶n̶e̶ Tyler Morgan-Wall made a map of every Internet-connected cable under water

Fixed that for you. It’s amazing how people who write articles just can’t be bothered to read them.

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Finance guys prefer microwave links over in-the-ground fiber because of lower latency.

I dunno the tech side of how that makes sense, but it is a thing I have both read about and heard from finance dudes and WISP folks alike.

Maybe someone here will know more


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I wonder what the crimper looks like for those lines. I’m imagining a guy with a plastic sleeve and a hair dryer won’t do. Probably need duct tape too.


It’s true. I have photographic evidence:


Beavers attacking the beaver pic delivery network?

(I’ll get my coat)

Just read on a site or two that the speed of light is the same as that of radio (in a vacuum, etc), so considering they can probably make the shortest line possible between the two points, they probably gain a micro(or pico) second or two? Twin radio setups (or more, with TX and RX dedicated antennas) can go wicked fast, and with the advent of digital, frequency multiplexing does magic (thanks Heddy!). Add super directional antennas and ultra high frequencies, and yeah, it just might.

You can also by laser point to point internet, so if they’re chosing radio, there’s probably a reason.

Still such a good article, despite its age

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Using R!

Nice. Finally something on BB I can totally understand, reproduce, and maybe even improve or enhance.

Disclaimer: ain’t got no time for that. But I dig the possibility. Oh yes I do. It makes me feel… Maybe less of a total failure.

Which reminds me of the time a granny cut the main link to a whole country (and beyond) in search of copper to sell.

Sharks. Pah. Never underestimate grannies.

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