San Francisco's Monkeybrains ISP offering gigabit home wireless connections


Pretty damn cool. Wonder what kind of additional latency these links add.

My guess is at most a few dozens of milliseconds, most likely just 10-20.

Hooray for MonkeyBrains, the coolest of Unicorns, the Local ISP!

I wish there was ANYTHING but Comcast in Oakland.

I LOVE Monkeybrains. Had them for two years while I was living in the Mission - fastest and most reliable home internet I’ve ever used, plus they’re just awesome people.

Sadly I moved outside their service area and now have to make do with Comcast. If Monkeybrains was available here I’d switch in a heartbeat.

Why hasn’t Time Warner put a stop to this? It’s unAmerican!

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Expensive, but tempting. God, I hate Comcast with a passion.

Anyone want to start a Minneapolis chapter? We’re hip, I swear!

I’m running a pair of bonded DSL lines from It’s more expensive and slower (thanks to where I live and AT&T doing a shitty job of building out infrastructure), but it’s not Comcast, and Sonic gets to handle dealing with Ma Bell.

(I had a MonkeyBrains connection at a previous office in SF. They were good.)


@hi_endian — basic monkeybrains internet setup is $250 for install, $35/mo. (The $1,500 setup is for the gigabit connection — while basic’s 8-20 Mbps upload/download). you can still bail on comcast!

I use Sonic.

Any kind of copper connection where I am in North Oakland can’t get good speed. Telco hubs are too far away and a lot of the wiring is shitty. You’re basically stuck with cable tech or direct LOS transmission.

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I hear you. I have about 3.5 Mb most of the time because I’m at the very outer limits of distance from the hub (for either Sonic or AT&T, whose infrastructure they use). But when I moved into this building, I spent 3 months trying to get Comcast U-verse working before they broke down and admitted that the building owner never accepted their offer to re-wire the building, so 27 units were trying to all get service from enough copper to serve maybe a 5-unit building or so. I dealt with AT&T’s bullshit for a few years, but cut them off when I experienced the third mysterious, un-announced fee increase inside of a 12-month period.

Sucks because I can’t really make effective use of Skype etc. most of the time, but it’ll have to do for now.

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