What the Internet looks like when it's not a patent drawing


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It’s a series of tubes…


Cool concept, but it boils down to

• cables, server arrays, and satellite dishes
• physical representations of “internet culture” (Caffe Facebook)
• non sequiturs, which Wired calls “poetically interpreted” (a freezer full of fish)

To be fair, I don’t know what else I was expecting.


Reminds me of the classic Neal Stephenson article (also in Wired) Mother Earth Mother Board, where he treks round the world following communications cables.
The article ended up being research for Cryptonomicon.


The funny thing about those pavement markings, is the employees marking those tend to use company names from years and years ago. I love seeing MCI, ATT (in places where they sold their plant), or PACBELL being written today.

The companies in question have been bought, sold, divided, and merged over and over, but the physical plant folks don’t really seem to even notice. It’s shows how the more ephemeral infrastructure of a company - the policies and procedures - can be just as long-lasting and difficult to alter as the branding on the manhole covers.


All grown up. It used to just look like this…


www != internet

now get off my lawn flower-box


Ha! Ok ok ok…


Yes, thank you Ted Stevens.


Poor BBN. Raytheon has them now.


Can you believe the “Internet is a series of tubes” guy’s been dead for five years?


Don’t be silly Cory. The internet doesn’t weigh anything.


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