You probably need more baby quolls in your life

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quoll stealing my boot by Winky, on Flickr

And when they grow up, they like to steal hiking boots. This little guy was after my boot during a hike in the SW wilderness of Tasmania. I’m not sure what his plan was.


maybe the leather smells good and it would chew it like beef jerky, especially if you treated it with mink oil.

or maybe it wanted a home…

Aww. Some hundreds of millions of years separate from any non-freak mammalian lineage and it still knows how to look snugly adorable while sleeping. Apparently some tricks predate being a normal placental mammal, unlike you monotreme deviants. scritches tiny ears

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For more info about quolls, check out the Reddit reply I made which at least partly inspired this article at (note the identical video links)

Regardless, have some cute pics of orphan chuditches in Adelaide; Everything needs more quolls.

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Even venomous monotreme deviants just want to be loved.


Coyotes are mammals native to Texas and the United States, they are not considered endangered.

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Same niche as bobcats, foxes and lynxes?

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