You probably need more Tasmanian imps in your life


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Flanders: Ooh look! He’s trying to claw my eyes out!


I always wanted a Tasmanian Devil as a pet, until I started living with a Blue Heeler. That video just reminded me of what i get to come home to tonight.


Rodents of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist.


Aren’t they the a vulture of the mammal world?


Daww, gotta love the little curmudgeons.


Don’t let people fool you, they’re not dogs. They are half HyenaBear, half ChimpanzeeOtter. But they do make one hell of a companion.


I’m not sure where you got “imps” from. I always understood the name for non-mature Tassie Devils to be ‘pups’.


Yeah, very cute. Devlets?
All fun until you lose a finger to one.


They are carnivorous marsupials, so I think of them as “RatFacedMurderKoalas.”


Tasmanian Devils or Queensland Blue Heelers? I can’t make the distinction anymore.


Imps, pups or, like all marsupial babies, joeys, are all used to refer to baby Tassie devils.


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