You quote Shakespeare every day


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Tis true, tis so true.


And pity 'tis, 'tis true.


The funny part is, dozens of quotes people think are from the KJ Bible are actually Shakespeare.


Or Buddha.


Some idioms were coined by The Bard and others were merely passed on.

“All that glitters is not gold;”


Rob Brydon is reciting a famous paragraph by journalist, columnist and sometime Huffington-consort Bernard Levin. You can, of course, buy it.

So, this is Brydon quoting Levin quoting Shakespeare (and one other author).


You mean like when God says “give me some light!” and then storms out of the universe in a discomfited rage?


Still, fuck Shakespeare.


And this is why I’m not that interested in those popularizing movies which take a Shakespeare story and rework it into modern English. It is the clever language that he is famous for. The stories were mostly recycled and not particularly noteworthy.


Is that Billy Crystal in the picture?


#Bill S. owes me 5 pounds!


But some of us do so knowingly and willing. :wink:


Or Satan.


That’s what Shakespeare said.


I would make an exception to Akira Kurosawa takes on Shakespeare. They pretty much work even if you don’t realize they are Bill S. stories. Throne of Blood, The Bad Sleep Well and Ran are pretty good films in their own right.


“The devil can cite Scripture Shakespeare for his purpose”
The Merchant of Venice, revised edition 2016

(Actually, a quick google finds people asking where in the Bible they can find this quote, which was the point of your earlier post.)


Talk about damned with faint praise! (as Pope said, not Shakespeare)


Only because I named my cat Strumpet.


I think the rules are different if you don’t speak English.

I really like Orson Welles’ Chimes at Midnight.