You will be amazed by this guessing-game based on cutesy linkbait headlines!


I began to think they were all real, but then I got a fake.

It definitely needs more content; there’s a lot to pick from on the internet. It’s also poor coding that two choices can both be wrong.

Too few headlines in the database. I keep getting the same ones.

Also: is this here turning into the next Neatorama? :wink:

The real sign of the apocalypse is that someone has decided to call a buzzfeed title a “real headline”.


Yeah, took me about four rounds to start seeing that. Lame.

So what your saying is that “You won’t believe what happens next!” is referring to the removal of Euclidean geometry and the banishment of The Age of Reason?

You won’t BELIEVE how this website fooled everyone!

I thought I was just really good at spotting real headlines… Until I realized that some of the other headlines were also real. That’s dumb.

I swear, these stories were cultivated from Fark. I was actually familiar with most of the real stories, if not the specific headlines.

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