Young people will pay for entertainment, but not news


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I question the divisions here - How would it have looked if they instead had a line for “Digital News (Magazines, newspapers, or apps)” and “Print News”?


Well, considering the drivel that is output by the vast majority of newspapers, that’s not surprising. Why would people pay to be lied to?


Why would I pay for most news outlets? I have to personally fact check everything ever condensed into news because I don’t know any paid outlets that do.


When the Guardian is free on my phone, and ProPublica is a non-profit also with a free app, and BoingBoing is free, but I would have to pay for the Daily News or the New York Times, is free supposed to somehow be the “wrong” choice?

I’d think quite the opposite. Newspapers are in the same state of self-pity and alarm-bell ringing that the music industry is in.


Young people will pay for entertainment, but not news

The distinction between the two is getting pretty blurry.

I’m happy to say though that I definitely do pay for news. The cable package I subscribe to includes a lot of news channels and news programs.


I’m not surprised in the least. In my younger days I didn’t have much of an appetite for news either. Now I read/listen to more news/podcasts than music.


That’s an excellent point. Have young people ever paid for news?


I listen to NPR and the local public radio news. Seems to cover a lot in a fair manner, and I pay what I feel it’s worth. I also read AP online, which is free. I can’t even follow the local newspaper on Twitter because it’s all about football games and car crashes.


They still broadcast TV. For free.


It’s worth noting that unless you are one of the few people with effective ad-blocking software, you are in fact paying for news.

You’re paying for every page you access on the internet. If tracking you wasn’t extracting value from you, it wouldn’t be a billion-dollar industry and standard practice on every commercial website on earth.

I object to the idea that I’m not paying for something because I didn’t see a bill. I would much prefer to see a bill.

I would prefer to be asked for my personal data and to have the option to agree to a price for it. I’m gonna want a whole lot more value for giving you my browsing habits than I would for my basic demographics.

Without explicit transactions, the transfer of wealth in the form of data will continue unchecked. As this form of wealth accounts for a larger and larger percentage of total asset wealth, this is going to seem more and more tragic.


Is BoingBoing news?


Hot on the heels of our last anouncement, apparently young people will pay for ice cream, but not broccoli.


Today I shall be mostly communicating in Far Sides.


“Cable TV” is second on the list, doesn’t that encompass news as well as entertainment?

Honestly, sports and news are the only real reasons to even have a cable TV subscription anymore since there are so many other options available for media that doesn’t require watching in real-time.


We were all young once.


I’m in my 40s and I can’t imagine paying for news.



I fail to see a compelling reason why anyone would pay for something that can be obtained for free. Legally even. Was this article about how millennials are subject to the same market forces as everyone else?


What music does it play?