Your locked phone could verify it's you by listening to your lips move


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The algorithm can also detect when a politician is lying.


Sure. Then try to access your phone after a trip to the dentist.


how in the world does this story not feature a photo of HAL listening/watching Dave in 2001??


Great picture, I’ve seen those lips 100 times.
“Science fiction, double feature…”


Ok, but why?


verifies your identity by the unique way that you move your lips.

That’s what I’m sayin’, ladies…


At least someone can’t rip your lips off and use it to unlock your phone.


Always the optimist.

They’ll never crack MY phone.


Another security method that uses a uniquely identifiable trait that is difficult for the individual to alter when inevitably breached. Fingerprints, retinal scans, facial captures, all voluntarily handed over to our benevolent phone manufacturers. No thanks.


With guaranteed 100% success rate!


They tried to warn us.


Lips grow back, right?


I read that as “rectal scans, fecal captures” first time. No thanks to those too.


Asking for a friend? :sunglasses:



Give it time…

Came for a HAL reference. Leaving satisfied…



Or a cold sore, facial injury, stroke, wrong brand of lipstick, etc.


  1. Shouldn’t it be something like
    “listening” by watching your lips move?
  2. How about a lick sensor?


I think a lot of these new fangled biometrics are overhyped. Fingerprints are popular because they do not change significantly over time. I strongly suspect many fancier biometrics lack that property.