Your Super Mario Maker level has no chill

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Playing 100 Mario Challenge makes for a great party game but over the weekend we found that we had to swipe away so many levels. It got to the point where we would just see the starting screen and if there was anything too crazy we just skipped it without even trying.

In other words, user generated content is terrible.

Though this article is making me consider picking the game up just to design minimalist levels.

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There was a time when I found some truly entertaining fan-made maps in Halo 3’s Forge, but after a few months I had to rely on curators to find the good stuff, since there was just so much lame and boring garbage out there.

Still, I’m glad there are games that allow it. The best fan-made creations are sometimes better than the source material deserves.

The best fan made stuff is almost always going to be better than the source material. The signal to noise ratio in fan made stuff, though, is so very, very low. I follow I Wanna Be the Guy fangames, and wow are there thousands of them with only a few being legitimate gems. The nice thing is that there are people willing to sift through the drek and curate it. (Geezer, a fan game maker, has a running count on his Twitch stream of how many games he has beaten and I think it’s over 1500) A functioning example of “It takes all kinds.”

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