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At one point I had a pile of the Sony LDP-1450 players which are what they would have likely used for this. Computer controlled and you can go directly to a spot on the disc with a simple serial ascii command. Awful quality for a laserdisc player but it was my intro to them. It was also my only foray into releasing freeware - I wrote a quick basic control program and released it so people with these players could control them.



I feel better already!


“I’d buy that for a dollar!”


Bounchy hair rating 9/10.


Came here to say that it reminds me of the various clips in Robocop.

All it needs is an OCP logo, and we’re good to go!


I see there’s some bit rot (I know they’re analog) creeping into the LaserDisc.

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It’s so stupid, I should have realised years ago where my love of Cyberpunk stemmed from, but I always thought it was William Gibson and the Shadowrun / Cyberpunk pen & paper RPGs.

But wandering around Night City made me realise that the reason I love Cyberpunk was…
my Gran.

See, my Gran owned a newsagents in Kettering in the Seventies and Eighties, and every week, without fail, she would send me the latest 2000AD prog.

And 2000AD had a LOT of really good cyberpunk in it, which I didn’t even know was cyberpunk at the time. Bad City Blue, Sam Slade Robohunter and the one with the biggest parallel to Night City, Judge Dredd.

I get serious Mega City One vibes wandering the streets of Night City, and it’s made me (belatedly) realise Judge Dredd is most definitely cyberpunk.
I even re-watched the Dredd movie recently, and can’t believe I didn’t twig when I first watched it.

So thanks Gran; you are no longer with us, but one of my favourite genres frequently reminds me of you :slight_smile:


I want to see clips of what you get for a WRONG answer? The “Where’s the Beef?” lady? Or perhaps this lady looking at you with disgust.


Danny Devito Smh GIF


I’m with @philipstorry and @CMUwriter here and would like to actually posit an answer to the question, specifically:

Cyberpunk is anything that’s supposed to be the future while being rooted in the aesthetics of the recent past and has a soupçon of the vaguely unsettling.

Robocop was extremely violent and its concept of 80s commercialism was uncomfortably slimy. The posted video feels like the uncanny valley meets a commercial for New Coke. As for Cyberpunk 2077, well I’m 30 hours in and its an incredibly hollow experience. One I’m still playing for lack of anything else to do but doubting I’ll give it a second playthrough.


I disagree.


The trick to bridging the (presumably) male student’s synapses was obviously a big smile and showing some cleavage, with the important correct answers getting some leg thrown in.


Highly inappropriate for a work training, but it would be nice to have something like this to boost one’s ego as needed (but with the woman at least in a suit).

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