You're probably paying too much for car insurance, but that's an easy fix

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I especially like the discounts you can get from these places that require you to install a tracking device in your car. Just to MAKE SURE you don’t exceed the speed limit or didn’t report your estimated daily mileage on your request for insurance.

The GPS tracking sent to headquarters for analysis is simply a courtesy bonus for the most enthusiastic customers.

Data collected . Once downloaded and registered, the App will run in the background and collect driving and phone sensor data (“Snapshot Data”), which will be uploaded to Progressive and available for review through the App. Snapshot Data includes vehicle speed and location using GPS, time information, phone usage, and data from the phone’s sensors. Other information, such as trip duration, trip regularity (taking the same routes on a regular basis), and rates of acceleration and braking, is derived from speed, location, and time information. Location information may be used for underwriting purposes, to detect whether an accident may have occurred, or to assist in resolving a claim, as further described in Acknowledgement / Consent. Where you drive is not used in determining your personalized rate.

Well, if you can’t trust a major insurance company not to make some fine print that contradicts their base statement who can you trust.


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