YouTube ContentID scammers must pay $3.3m to victims

Originally published at: YouTube ContentID scammers must pay $3.3m to victims | Boing Boing


So who’s job is it at google to check that the content blockchains go all the way back to valid acquisitions? (of songs, video-clips of lawn mower repair, and NFTs, oh my)
(“meh, they’re too busy blocking adblockers which block their blocking”)


It’s business acumen like that that can land somebody in the White House.


They don’t say so explicitly, but I don’t think they get to keep the $23 million. When you get convicted of fraud, you don’t generally get to keep the money you fraudulently obtained. The $3.3 million would be on top of that.

Where they would get the $3.3 million to pay the restitution is another question entirely. I doubt the artists are going to see even a small fraction of that money, though they will get to garnish any wages these fraudsters receive, probably for the rest of their lives.

Edited to add: It would be interesting to see someone sue Google over their incredibly lax authentication of copyright claims. These fraudsters were able to do this because Google basically believes anyone who says they own anything and leave it up to the content creators and real copyright owners to try to argue that they’re wrong (which Google doesn’t make easy).


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