YouTube dbag Logan Paul speaks at global flat earth conference


I can say this with confidence: Logan Paul does not believe the Earth is flat. I spoke with him outside the convention center the previous morning, where he tried giving the same Flat Earth stump speech through giggles.

“To me it’s just so obvious that obviously the Earth is flat obviously,” Paul tells me. It’s his second attempt at the speech. The first time through, he had to stop for a laugh break.

“Facts,” a team member tells him. “That was really solid. That was more compelling than the first time, I think.”

They’re filming for their YouTube video. Paul probably doesn’t know it, but he’s part of his own conspiracy theory. In 2016, he starred in a YouTube-produced movie called “The Thinning,” about a dystopian world in which the United Nations kills children as part of a population-reduction project. Truther communities ate it up, and people still post the trailer in Facebook groups for various conspiracy theories.


Well, to be honest I had the impression that at most only half of the Flat Earth people were only in it for the fun of being contrarian. Flat Earther is soon to be synonymous with troll, I guess.


Is (flat earth) rocket man there?



I’ve wondered about that, but I couldn’t, for instance, imagine myself pretending climate change isn’t real and hanging out with climate deniers just for a lark. I realize the dynamic may be a be a bit different in my analogy, but the idea of pretending to believe in something and hanging out with true believers is kind of distasteful to me, though we learn the utility of a smaller version of that, the social lie, early in life.


Oh no, they aren’t trolling the true believers, but rather their friends and family. And like any lie, if you are immersed in it long enough you start to swallow it. Pull the wool over your own eyes, to quote the Church of the SubGenius.

Ah, that reminds me: I don’t know if you recall the original X-Day was supposed to be in 1998, and even though everyone knew it was a gag, a hoax, a joke, you couldn’t help but feel like something would happen. It’s just how our mammal brains work.

And actually, a lot of climate change deniers are also in it not because they fully believe it, but because they get a perverse joy out of believing something that seems contrarian. It gives them a “better than thou” feeling. And now they have swallowed it for so long that they have fooled themselves into believing it. Fnord.


In other words “There’s nothing more dangerous than wilful ignorance & enthusiastic stupidity” -MLK


I wouldn’t wish Logan Paul on anyone, even flat earthers.


global flat earth conference


I am still waiting for my seat on the pleasure saucers of JHVH-1.


I always assumed the Flat Earth conventions were full of a bunch of trolls hanging out and having a laugh at the stupidity of the whole thing while keeping a practiced straight face when chatted up by the press.


I see it as the trolls that laugh for a bit and then follow it up with something like “but, like, what if the Earth was flat” or “I mean, the Earth is hollow though.”


Ah, memories of the epic fun fights between alt.slack and alt.discordia on that day.



Hard for you to speak … with a flat head! I’m crushing your head!

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