YouTube plans to spend $25 million fighting 'fake news.' Here's how

So a giant corporation is going to help make sure us little people see what we’re supposed to see and don’t get our widdle noggins confused by stuff? How heartwarming. What could go wrong?


I have no critical faculties nor a will of my own! Please, oh Great Corporation, thine is the wisdom, teach me the Way!

I do not want Google determining what is ‘fake news.’ They aren’t capable of doing so in a trustworthy manner for technological and ideological reasons.

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I thought Facebook only switched to algorithms after their human curators were accused of being biased?

(I suspect that they were pushing back against right-wing attempts to game the “trending” system.)

I deliver training and curriculum tools to teachers from the elementary - college level using a model developed out of the Center for News Literacy at Stony Brook University, which is whom I work for. Our approach emphasizes a “train the trainer” model, where we provide educators tools to implement our model in their classrooms. In most cases, no, there isn’t a high school level class in the subject, but Social Studies and English classrooms are primed for teaching this sort of stuff.


I’m currently reading up a bit on the Cold War era.
And it struck me that there is a precedent of a man unfit for any public office severely damaging the USA with made-up “facts” - senator McCarthy.

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