YouTube to remove "dislike" counts

This seems like a good reason to drop the button. The current setup rewards (or even encourages) people to post videos that are fake or dangerous, to draw the downvotes and thereby increase their revenue.

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And a surprisingly deep rabbit hole, at that.


I’ve got a bunch of videos on YouTube over the last 15 years, comments are turned off on all of them.

The only time I read comments is on how to videos looking for more tips, other than that I rarely read comments. I have never like or disliked a video ever.

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Inevitable Nazi content in 5… 4… 3…

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We watch most youtube vids on the roku tv, which keeps trying to feed me fox “news” stories. I have downvoted them, or given 'em the “not interested,” even reported them for being false or misleading. All that seems to do is simply disappear that particular vid, along w/related vids from sources I’d actually trust! There’s more fox crap when I go back again.

youtube needs something which allows users to completely block content from specific channels, whatever device they’re using.

A girl can dream, right?

I’ve used various comment blocking browser extensions since I discovered them, and youtube adblockers, too. A Firefox extension called Distraction Free is really useful - it blocks many ads, all comments, and the recommended vids sidebar. Bastards always eventually figure out a way to show us ads anyhow, so I find & install new adblockers when it happens.

Sure wish I could get rid of the suggested vids that all too often show up at the end of a video, and cover between 25-90% of the screen area, making it imposs to see the tail end. Sometimes I get so pissed off about it I call up the vid on my laptop, so I can see the bits at the tail end. grrrr

Slight tangent:
amazon has dumped the downvote function for reviews, which really sucks. It means you can’t downvote the obvious shills’ reviews, nor the useless reviews that merely state “It’s great!” or “It’s lousy!” w/o elaboration/explanation.


I just checked, the block user option is missing on the YouTube Roku channel but if you block a user on another device it carries over to Roku as long as you’re signed in to YouTube on Roku. The block user is under the report flag on the desktop version of YouTube. In the android app it’s a little more difficult to find but a Google search will explain it.


I’m not sure I have ever down thumbed anything. It’s possible. If I disagree with what someone has said, I’ll give them a thumbs up if I follow them, or maybe don’t follow them, but am watching a video in a topic I’m interested in, if I still appreciate the work and think they deserve to be heard and feel there are a lot of people that might also appreciate the work ‘and’ agree with them.

I’ll leave early and use the vertical 3-dot menu to say I’m not interested, block the channel from me, or report if it’s really that bad. Maybe I’ve used the thumb down on a video with animals where I feel the humans are more or less torturing them for a laugh. I can think of few times I’ve done that.

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Awww, pfui. I’ve already done that. I’ll check and see if I did it the right way.

Thanks so much for looking, and providing the info!

Yeah, too bad they aren’t removing the downvote button, just the ability of viewers to see the downvote count. I feel like it’s the worst of all worlds in many ways.


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