YouTuber Mr. Beast is looking to become the first billionaire influencer

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One of the nice things about being old enough to qualify for AARP benefits is that – outside stories like this and the occasional mention by young people I know – social media “influencers” don’t register on my personal cultural radar.


Meh, it has more to do with social circles and filter bubbles. I am younger than that and I would not know about this person if it weren’t for occasional articles like this. But I suppose if I were a parent I would be aware of him through my children.


Such weird videos. Sycophants delighted to be messed with by rich person.


YouTuber Mr. Beast



Yeah, well, he can fuck right off.


I’m kinda torn about this.
Use your wealth to help, okay.
Attaining that kind of wealth in the first place?

I mean, good luck to him, I suppose he’s doing little harm, he’s not like a frickin’ oil baron.
I suppose I’m just uncomfortable with that level of wealth.


And as with many people at that level of wealth it can probably be argued that he’s doing philanthropic things not because he’s particularly driven to do them, but because in the end doing them is a net win for him. In his case he’s generating yet more content for his videos but also increasing the value of the brand he’s built around himself. And let’s not forget the tax write-offs.


A lot of his stuff is relatively cruel (but hey, we are just joking around here!) pranks for which he gives out money. This is philanthropy of the “pay bums to fights” variety.


Oh, I didn’t know that, but I guess I’m unsurprised.

Just another dick, then.


This is the same guy that created the “IRL Squid Games”, so yeah a dick

ETA: Also, aren’t there Kardashians that are already billionaire influencers? (Yes, of course they also get their wealth from other things like clothing and makeup lines, but Mr. Beast makes a lot of money from his terrible burger delivery ghost kitchens and brand deals, so I think they are of a kind)


Oh, fuck, did not know that.

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Well, I mean he didn’t kill people for real, but he did miss the point of the show. I don’t know for sure that he would have killed people either, if he could have, so it’s just pointing out his shallow understanding of things and his tendency to profit off of people suffering whether it’s physical or emotional

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I get that.
It’s nice to make millions, now let’s make you dance for a bob or two, might get me some views.

I don’t watch his show (?), so put me right if I’m wrong.


(Wow! DO NOT look at the other memed versions of this photo! It really shows that google search is unmoderated for hate…)


As I have said before


Or sadly, in the case of Neil Stephenson writing the book AND creating the dystopia. No doubt thinking “Ah, but I will do it the right way!”. Sadly there is no right way to make these kinds of things irl


“Mr Beast”?

I’m frequently glad to not be “with it” when it comes to certain aspects of the popular culture…


i think comparing his videos to bum fights is more than a little hyperbolic. “game show” might be a more accurate analogy. his contestants aren’t portrayed as getting hurt or being in any danger, and they usually get opportunities to quit and often still get some rewards.

also, if we’re going to talk about his philanthropy, it might be better to show a video from his philanthropy channel Giving School Supplies To The Poorest Schools In America - YouTube

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Saying it point blank. He’s too risky of an evaluation of that size. One or two bad stunts and/or controversies with the guy or his associates and his investors lose a ton of cash. I mean just look at how Kanye being a taint lost him a half billion dollars in a single month.

Not saying that streamers and online video makers won’t make money in these sort of deals. Even something that seems niche to the general public can rake in the money. Anycolor (who runs one of the largest vtuber companies) made 2.5 billion USD since it’s listing on the Tokyo stock exchange back in the summer making the company’s founder the youngest billionaire in Japan.