Youtube millionaire MrBeast plans to recreate Squid Game

Originally published at: Youtube millionaire MrBeast plans to recreate Squid Game | Boing Boing

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Ug. Even if the guards don’t execute the losers or outright encourage murders among the players I don’t see how they could prevent the contestants from being awful and potentially violent towards each other with such high stakes and only one possible winner. Plus knowing what the games will be ahead of time really changes the strategy and takes away a lot of the drama. This really isn’t a good idea.


That a millionaire “influencer” completely misses the point of Squid Game is to be expected.


Il-Nam was totally the hero. /s




“Christ! What an asshole!”

“Late-stage capitalism in decline.”


Sometimes I access Youtube from work without signing in to my account and I see what it is to first time visitors. Why do they ever go back? Mr Beast making silly faces are about 10% of the thumbnails. Other Youtube personalities making silly faces are another 90%. It’s like 80’s Nickelodeon grew up and became every TV channel.

The “Don’t Recommend Channel” option is my best friend. Let it be your friend, too.


I couldn’t find any information about how faithful he would be in the recreation. Lower the prizes, maybe give prizes to the winners of each game would make it more of a fan game than a competition where the contestants would want to win at any cost.

For all we know he plans on cheating outright, giving contestants specific roles in advance like in some reality shows. As long as it looks dramatic and gather plenty of views he should be be happy.

Given the standards of social media ‘prank’ comedy; I strongly suspect that the eminently predictable bad outcomes you describe are a feature rather than a bug so long as they stay just within the realm of deniability for the purposes of reckless negligence or similar.

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Countdown til chubbyemu gets a video out of this…


“people playing a deadline game” “if anyone were to recreate the came

Someone’s typing fingers go haywire when near the word ‘game’ it seems.

I found this article mildly interesting. However…

How often do boing boing contributors (not commenters) take the time to spell/grammar/proof check their articles?

Nearly every article I read has glaring errors.

It seems like BB spends more effort on gadget posts.



Laughingsquid should up its game now that the new squid game squid came to jump the shark.

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Almost by definition, the non-deadly versions of the games contestants played in The Squid Game should be trivial to recreate by anybody with access to ordinary things like a tug-of-war rope or a playground courtyard or a bag of marbles. So he might as well just send someone with a bag of cash to any playground in the world and hand it to the kid who ends up being best at hopscotch or whatever.


Allows me to rant how avoiding what’s “viral” is key to side stepping mass-market stupidity and lock-step “culture”.

Because of course he does. Mr. Beast is a horrible person and thats why I avoid him like the plague.

Barely related… I tried ordering from Mr. Beast Burger in San Francisco. Turns out their kitchen is across the street from where I was… So the Grubhub delivery guy didn’t even bother showing up, and they won’t release the burger until I went up to knock on their mobile kitchen. NOT their fault, but this delivery only thing is a bit of “meh”.

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Sounds like you’re disappointed in boing boing. Where’s that spreadsheet…?

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