Zillow listing for Santa's house in the North Pole

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Isn’t Zillow the company that buys houses above market price and then rents back to us pleebs at an inflated rate that few can afford? Yeah, Fuck them.



Due to climate change, the mortgage has gone underwater.


Off grid?

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The zillow link (if 'twere indeed intended to be a link) is b0rked.

zillow listed our house as in foreclosure several years ago. Mom & I noticed lotsa people slowing down and gawking at our house over the course of a few weeks, and I finally asked a group of guys on bicycles what was up. They said they’d seen our house on zillow, and I told them, “Well, that’s weird. We aren’t selling, and it’s not in foreclosure.” I already liked them, so added, “I hope you can find something around here, it’s the best neighborhood!”

I went on zillow and saw the foreclosure listing. I had a shit fit and sent them a very nasty email, got an apologetic bit of boilerplate in reply, and they removed the listing. Idiots.

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