Zine goddess Chloe Eudaly is running for Portland City Council

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Ann Arbor is having the same pains, and I imagine Ms. Eudaly will face many of the same obstacles that face affordable housing proponents and political candidates here: an entrenched pro-development city council backed by DDA money, a bustling industry of non-profits creating “affordable-housing” which has become a zero-sum game as private market affordable spaces are converted to public-market affordable (read:subsidized) spaces. Oh and of course the influx of yuppies, millennial’s and empty nesters that somehow can afford $500K condos, and can’t be bothered to vote. It’s all about the Money and Buildings here, as the sky grows dark with $1200/bedroom pre-fab high-rises by hack architects.

That aside, I love and respect Joe Sacco, and can’t wait to read this. His tales from Eastern Europe/Balkans were the best reading iIhad in a long time, I hope he is getting the commercial success he deserves.


Thank you, Cory! I was really touched by this testimonial. Running for City Council has been an incredible learning opportunity and life-changing experience. I’ve tried to use the platform I have right now to advance conversations as much as garner support. Our rent crisis is devastating the lives of tens of thousands of Portlanders right now. This cannot become the norm. We have to do better than this.


You’re right! Ann Arbor does sound a lot like Portland. I’m sorry to hear that!

$1200? You’re lucky to afford an apartment! We live in one room, all 26 of us, no furniture, half the floor missing…


Thanks for posting about this-- I’m a longtime addict of your site and when I see stuff like this on here it just warms my cold dead heart. I have lived in Portland my whole life, and am seeing all this madness happen around me. I’m so lucky to not be directly affected by it (I own) but about half to three quarters of my friends are either having their rents jacked up to unsustainable levels, or they’ve already been forced to move, even in neighborhoods that are pretty far flung or generally “undesirable”. It’s heart breaking to see people I really care about be forced to move or end up homeless. Chloe has been my hero since I was a pre-teen weirdo looking for something subversive to read and she was there for me with an issue of Bust in hand. She was the embodiment of what being a Grrl was in the 90s, but was also successful and influential and responsible- the first time I didn’t think that was an insult, hah. I cannot believe that she rocks even harder now. We need someone like this to make any kind of meaningful change. Our city is growing, and lots of people are just like “NO!” but that’s not really helpful is it? It has to become a question of “how do we grow in a way that doesn’t alienate everything that makes this place worthwhile?” I think that’s a really important question, and I know damned well who I want to answer it.


I lived in a hole in the ground in the middle of the road!

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