Zombie-killing animal of the week: Alligators


Zombie alligators.
…and now you have two problems…


In the Walking Dead zombie mythos, animals don’t become infected, so no worries about zombie alligators.

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In Walking Dead animals don’t eat zombies. Otherwise crows and rats would be all up in that

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I don’t know. Assuming zombie-ism is translated via bite, I think it would be pretty hard for a zombie to get through an alligator’s skin. I suppose maybe a zombie being eaten face-first might be able to bite the tongue, but that seems pretty unlikely. Think about it. You could probably bite another person, even one who didn’t want to be bitten. Want to try biting an alligator?

I think this calls for a return to alligator-filled moats around castles, and I like the sound of that.


Like vampirism? The contemporary zombies I remember (even the annoying fast ones) spread like an infectious disease via blood/mucous contact of all (grisly) sorts. So yeah, eating a zombie wouldn’t be the healthiest.

But I haven’t been paying too much attention to the latest zombie fashions either.

Did anyone ever actually fill a moat with alligators? I imagine that the availability of alligators and the military usefulness of castles with moats didn’t overlap much.

On the other hand, crocodiles were more available, and I’ve never heard of a real moat filled with them either. Maybe it’s just that they don’t actually make a moat much more dangerous compared to the difficulty of crossing it while being shot at…

We once got chickens because we hoped they would eat the bugs that were eating our strawberries. The chickens ate the strawberries…


And eventually you end up swallowing a horse.


zombie flesh isn’t appetizing to animals. so alligators and rats and wild dogs aren’t going to eat them.

prove me wrong.

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Exactly! That’s what inspired my original post and this new video series. The lack of predation/scavenging by wildlife on zombies is a big, glaring plot hole in The Walking Dead. Some zombie mythologies deal with it by having the animals turn into zombies. Others say that animals avoid toxic zombie flesh. In the Walking Dead, we DID see dogs eating an immobile zombie, but that’s it. Otherwise, the show hasn’t addressed it, so we thought we’d have some fun with the question to raise some awareness of how awesome wild animals are and to promote the National Wildlife Federation.

Someone willing/able to shop a picture for “Just look at this zombie-hunting banana. Just look at it.”

This would finally merge the two main topics of BB and we can close them both for good.

What about the dogs that were shown a couple seasons ago feeding on an immobile zombie?

I thought that I remembered a drug dealer who had a alligator filled moat from ages ago… My google-fu was not productive, but it does seem that there are plenty of stories about them being used to guard one’s stash:
Breaking Fad: Alligators becoming the new pit bulls for drug dealers, cops say - Washington Times

Sort of a reverse Great Sparrow Campaign…

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meh. Zombies are toxic to all multi-cellular lifeforms, and the alligators kill themselves off by trying to eat the zombies. Problem solved.

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