Zombies in Disney World


This feels like part of a growing trend of authors naming their books after something that’s popular (or, in this case, potentially going to be very popular). After Fifty Shades of Gray blew up, I started seeing numerous authors including the words “Shades” and “Gray” in the title, including at least one teen fiction title. Similarly, when the first Hunger Games movie was coming out and the book was everywhere, THIS suddenly appeared on the bookstore shelves. Is it a generally endorsed marketing tactic to release something that will hopefully get sales because of customer confusion?

Edit: Not making any criticism about the content of the actual book, it could be great for all I know. But the re-titling feels like a gimmick. And I do realize she’s releasing this title as a free ebook.

The book sounds fun, but I was kind of hoping this was really about zombies in Disney World. After seeing Escape From Tomorrow I’ve gotten a taste for seeing the park as a much darker place.

I remember when the now-defunct Opryland had Halloween festivities. During the day it was all bright and cheerful, but the commercials warned that after nightfall things would get more menacing. That probably wasn’t the best advertising for a family theme park.

Hard not to see this as a sleazy move to piggyback on the new movie. The author is hoping for some attention from Disney lawyers for PR purposes? Do not like.

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