Zoom says it's using artificial intelligence to block nudity

now recall that judges and lawmakers are lawyers and you start to see how the panopticon got rolled out… :frowning_face:

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So much for using zoom to squeeze in some sexy fun time with my sweetie. What are all the cool kids using instead?

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I haven’t used it, nor really investigated, but I’ve heard decent things about Jitsi

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Signal is the gold standard for 1:1 E2E encrypted messaging.

Facetime can do up to four people (no judgement), but the keys are held by Apple. But for the threat model of “just sexting” (in a democracy - YMMV elsewhere).

So for you, Facetime or Signal is good.

Signal also offers disappearing messages. If you trust the person it’s an easy way to make sure intimate stuff doesn’t slowly clog the phone.

(I usually agree with partners we won’t permanently save disappearing signal texts.)




What happens when their AI becomes a total pervert?

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something about someone, for one, welcoming their new nude overlords?

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