Zuck to Congress: "I'll get back to you" (42 times)

They use metric because they are deployed all over the world. They must know it. Especially when it comes to working with allies on field operations in battle when talking about range distance. By the way: the aviation world uses Imperial measurements on charts and maps when it comes to airport runway distances and altitudes for aircraft control (means feet and miles, not meters and kilometers). Anyway back on topic.

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That’s exactly why the question was asked. They are looking for intent and a pattern. There are many ways to probe an investigation. This is how any level of court asks questions on a defendant. The question may not seem relevant, but believe me, it’s just one piece of a puzzle in a much bigger picture. And we already know FB is liberal biased anyway so that goes without saying. Hell they’ve even bragged about it.

Andrea’s finds of images of Zuck are quite fine and that was good of you too.
Did the Syndicate news in your night-noise-eurosquare just show congress, who wouldn’t know about those there Constitution things around here, just like Ask ia nomionee or whatever interim term oughtta apply if the Prez can just aup and war? And they got the Public Glib reply (sure, sure) [amazingly no padding] on whether instead of ‘something wrong w/ your backbone?’ etc?

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