1.7 million viewers tuned into Bernie Sanders' Inequality Town Hall webcast

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It’s almost like lots of people are catching on… https://boingboing.net/2018/03/20/mounting-policy-debt.html

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In before anyone comments on how Communism causes poverty and tyranny and everyone wearing the same brown pants:
Please SHUT THE FUCK UP and learn the differences between Communism, Soviets and Dictatorships.

Socialism is not the same as Communism. It isn’t.
So stop saying it is and Capitalism is not the ‘Great Liberator’. What it is is an ancient and basically universal economic system belonging to the fucking Bronze Age, which harbours those old fundamental problems called Greed and Status Anxiety. Capitalism starts with self-reliance, but leads to rivalry over others - or even ownership of others - and ends with The Gilded Age.
(Similar to how Patriotism leads to Nationalism leads to Fascism.)

Anyone here want to go and live in 1918? Anyone?

It’s 2018! So why are we still using an economic system proven to cause poverty, war, environmental destruction, species extinctions and general misery in the population?
Because stupid people elect worse people like Donald Trump and do little more than complain about how education and healthcare have become luxury services whose costs can bankrupt you.They are selfish and they are stupid and they are obsessed with their perceived status in life.

Now if you think Communism does that too, you’re probably wrong. Probably, since Communism has never been truly practiced.

If you think Socialism does that too, you’re definitely wrong. I’m sure you’ve heard of a place called Europe.

So that just leaves Capitalism and yes my fellow BoingBoingers, Capitalism is the rot within us all.


Yeah, the DCCC is little more than a scam intended to funnel money into the hands of consultants who have been loosing the democrats elections for a while now. Time to move past that noise to freedom democrats like Sanders.
Honestly, the energy Sanders had was real and not the manufactured energy that the press, DCCC, and the DNC created for Hillary who still managed to loose to an orange moron. But the DCCC and DNC are corporatists and banking shills who will never support someone like Sanders.

Or perhaps the United States of America, a nation whose government is by the people, for the people, and of the people. We’ve had socialism baked in to the recipe since day one but about 100 years ago it got some bad press and we now pretend we aren’t a socialist nation. But how do we pay for police, fire departments, pediatric medicine, national defense, the mail, or anything our government does? We do it by taxing the people and using a democratic process to determine the general consensus of the people and enact social programs based on that consensus. We are socialist people. It’s just that we leave the people free to engage in commerce using whatever system they like. You can use money and be a capitalist, you can share and be communist, you can barter, you can use a participation economy. We are free to use whatever economic system we choose as private individuals but don’t be fooled for even a moment in to thinking this is a capitalistic nation. We are and always have been a socialist nation even if we no longer like to admit it.

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Good for him. Now, let’s hope those 1.7 million people get out and vote!


Warren - Sanders or Sanders -Warren, I really don’t give a fuck anymore, just get the filthy Orange moron out’a the White House.


O Woah far out man I took the photograph they’re using as the background. FEELIN’ THE BERN!!!

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