10 killed in Colorado grocery store shooting

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No more thoughts, no more prayers. End the madness! We want legislation!


Amazing how they managed not to kill another white shooter.

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You have to give them credit for making a quick decision on a stressful situation, not harming a white person or extra-judicially punishing a cop killer. /s


Most of us want legislation. The hardcore minority of ammosexuals will bitterly (and disingenuously) fight the smallest new regulation every time, though. Which wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that the GOP panders to them and makes sure that legislation doesn’t pass.*

These fantasists have sufficiently demonstrated that holding on to their collections of masculinity totems and political talismans is more important to them than even the lives of more than a dozen kindergarten children. They’re not going to change their minds, and the “reasonable” ones will keep responding to calls for regulation with more lies and more logical fallacies. As with so many other matters, reducing the power of the Republicans is the only way 70%+ of Americans will get what we want: the peace of mind that citizens of other OECD countries have been enjoying for decades.

[* a fact for liberal and progressive Second Amendment “originalists” to consider: your continued access to your precious gunz is entirely dependent on the GOP holding some degree of power]


So, that brings Q1 2021 Mass Shooter Killings up to 125 in 108 incidents; and that’s only the Mass Shootings.


“It doesn’t feel like there’s anywhere safe anymore.”

Seeing as how this shooting was just about as close as it could get to me without occurring inside my house, I’m forced to agree. It was sheer luck I didn’t stop to get a coffee or snack there before work yesterday. But apparently society has decided that this is the price we pay for not slightly inconveniencing gun owners. I’ve seen this happen enough in other places to know that absolutely nothing will be done, and it will happen again. And again. And again. I still fully expect to be involved in at least one mass shooting that I don’t barely avoid, and I just hope I manage to survive.


My first thought was, “Taken into custody, of course he was white.” But then my analytic brain kicked in. “Mass shooter, of course he was a white male. Next verse, same as the first.” And @Jesse13927, the next statement will be “Too soon to talk about legislative solutions.” Same as it ever was.


. . . is also that the current interpretation of the second amendment is not originalist.


Hence the scare quotes. Scalia and Federalist Society “originalism” is bad-faith cherry-picking that’s more concerned with pandering to Know-Nothing voters than it is with the Framers’ original intent. A genuine attempt to consider the latter in re: the Second Amendment always comes back to a justification for the National Guard.


Yeah, the contortions required for the “textualist, originalist” Conservative court to ignore both the text and the historical context of the 2nd Amendment are mind-bending. But sadly, not surprising in the least.


And you know what, Its not even making headlines here in Denmark, we’re bored with America and your guns by now, got other stuff to deal with.


If only 70% of Americans would vote as though lives are at stake (because they are), even (perhaps even especially) at the state and local level, 70% of the time. That’s what the GOP fears most and what they’re most deadset on putting a stop to.


[sighs deeply]

It’s hard not to feel like mass shootings are the intended outcome, a way the reactionary rich ensure the hoi polloi are kept bloodily reminded of their place. Sure, the republican senators and judges didn’t pull the trigger — they just made guns and ammunition incredibly cheap and therapy incredibly expensive. This is not a bug in American capital, but a feature that so many heartless dingalings spent ages and aeons of money to accomplish.

It’s fucked up.



There was legislation. Boulder had a ban on Assault weapons, but NRA.


Is there a significant sample size of non-white mass shooters for comparision?


Boulder’s assault weapons ban, meant to stop mass shootings, was blocked 10 days before attack (WaPo)

And the money quote, as predicted:

“There will be a time for the debate on gun laws. There will be a time for the discussion on motives. There will be a time for a conversation on how this could have been prevented,” the [Colorado State Shooting Association, which fought the ban] said in a statement. “But today is not the time.”


The only one that pops to mind was the event in Dallas where they used a robot to blow the guy up.

2016 shooting of Dallas police officers - Wikipedia


Makes me worry that, as the pandemic tries to wind down, how much are mass shootings like this and Atlanta going to ramp up?