10 reality-challenged ways that the EU's departing internet commissioner tried to destroy the internet

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this is a very polite way of describing Oettinger’s “ideas” (for lack of a better word)

my betting offer stands


Thanks. Let’s give the president-elect a punch list.

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I wrote to my MEPs about the link tax and the only one to respond? The UKIP politician. Of course he would; he then when into his spiel about the great tyranny of the EU.


Hmm. The way it’s described, almost every single website would have to have a copy of all copyrighted works in the world in their entirety (in order to compare uploads, comments, shares, etc. to determine whether they include portions of copyrighted works). Given the nature of the 'net, that data would be breached from somewhere within minutes. As a result, all copyrighted works in the world would be freely available to anyone in the world. That’s not so bad, but if that is the intent, it would be a little simpler just to make a law that all copyrighted works must immediately be published as public domain.

The funny bit is, many websites copyright their own content, therefore every website would have to have a complete copy of every other website (each of which would have to have a complete copy of that website, etc.) leading to infinite recursion.


Or we could distribute it. Across a series of computers linked in some form of web or net…


Oettinger is pretty much hopeless.
He always made stupid sugestions, like in 1989 when he wanted to prohibit motorcycling on public roads. Or when he was a colourless PM of Baden-Würtemberg and wanted to sell priceless medevial scriptures from the Baden state archives to get some money for the state treasury. Or when he made a funeral speech for the former Baden-Würtenberg PM Filbinger who had to step down in 1978 because he was a Nazi judge and in which he declared Filbinger to a resistance fighter against the Nazis. And lets not forget the whole Stuttgart 21 mess. And his sexist, racist and homophobic comments. Or his supposed corruptness. He was basically send to Brussles by the german gouverment to have him and his ineptness out of the feet.
The fact that Germanys worst beer is also called Oettinger is a pure coincidence.


Damn good thing that Trump is going to “take back the Internet”, right?


He needs more room for his yuuuge tweets.


Oh? I’d figure an executive order to change RFC 5321 to limit all email to 140 characters. (Except his.)


Had to look that up:

From the sound of it this guy is way, way, waaay above his level of incompetence, so I don’t think that is the right term to use. I am glad to learn about it though :slight_smile:

Just like Youtube now has a complete library of all copyrighted (video and audio) works ever existing? No, but that would be nicer. It works with fingerprints and approximations, so it is a lot more realistic and doable then your scenario, sadly the outcome is also much worse for the average user.

Edit: That is to say, the approximations and automation ensure heaps of false positives and take-downs of legal works.


I thought Trump had all the best people…

Looks like he’s available too!

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