10-year-old called to play guitar with Green Day during Outside Lands show

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Hot damn. I love it when rock stars prove the “never meet your heroes” adage wrong.


This is a regular thing he does at his shows. I was at one show where he brought up a teenage girl who ended up not actually able to play the song and he needed to have her sit down and bring someone else up. In the end, he went back to the original girl and gave her the guitar. Very classy.


They’ve been doing this since at least the Pop Disaster tour in 2002. Same Operation Ivy song too. The only difference is in the half dozen times, I’ve seen this, the bit always ended with a stage dive and not a free guitar.

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Good stuff.

Maybe Monty and Nandi can jam together one day…


I love that Green Day still does this … and still does this with that Operation Ivy song (which I probably learned on guitar before I learned any Green Day songs).


Cool to see that it’s his signature epiphone as well. Nothing to crazy, but definitely a solid instrument. I just hope - based upon many epiphone’s i’ve grabbed at stores - that their tech sets them up prior to each show.

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since at least 2000, saw it when they headlined Warped Tour. was indifferent about seeing them (went for Jurassic 5) but they put on a really great show.

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that was great. that kid was totally doing well at holding it together until he was given the guitar, and then he shattered his rock and roll cool demeanor. talk about living your best life.

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I didn’t really consider myself a Green Day fan when a buddy of mine asked me on the day of the concert whether I wanted to go with. I kinda half-heartedly said sure I’d go, convinced I only knew maybe two or three of their songs, but I could suffer through it.

Well, my friends, I’m here to tell you that (as you probably already knew) Green Day ABSOLUTELY ROCKS in concert. One of the very best concert experiences I’ve ever had. 10 out of 10; would scream my lungs out again.


All hail Monty!
At ten years old I was playing a song flute in the 4th grade. Not rocking.

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