Short documentary on 2 cool teen metalheads: Unlocking the Truth



Gear god, how I love these two. Any other genre, I could see it being a flash in the pan, like most kid stars, but Metal abides, dude. And it goddamn well better look after these boys. HOW awesome would it be to get them supporting Death on tour?

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Seems familiar.

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Totally worth repeating, IMHO. These kiddos rock!

That was by far the best thing I’ve seen online all week.

1970s Death or 1980s Death?

Heck, why not both?

so cool…and how can you go wrong with a last name like Brickhouse??


Well, if you’re not all that into metal but are interested in a young blues band (14 and 16), check out the Peterson Brothers (1). The 14 y.o. plays a mean 5-string bass and I swear, if you weren’t looking, you’d think that Stevie Ray had come back. They have a standing gig at the Continental Club here in Austin. Check 'em out!

Er, a bit generous. But the kid’s definitely on his way! Thanks for sharing that.

Re: my Stevie comment. I’ve seen these guys live. I really don’t think the vids quite do them justice.

Good to hear!

OK, one more:

These kids are AMAZING! I hope nothing but good things come their way… \m/


Can’t wait for these kids to start releasing CDs and merch. Their taste is impeccable, their chops are solid, and I wanna give 'em my money.

Good ghod, it’s just fantastic to see these kids rocking out and just having a great time. I envy them with every fiber of my old, crusty being.

Those kids have serious chops. Also: I never thought I’d see someone skating while wearing a bow tie. Bow ties are cool!

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