Uncle Acid and the deadbeats' retro psych metal

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfNHX5k9N-A Uncle Acid and the deadbeats are an excellent retro psychedelic metal band from the UK. (Peter Bebergal talked about them on last week’s episode of GWeek.) This video is for “I’ll Cut You Down” from their album Blood Lust. They also have a new record out, READ THE REST

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Riveting. I want to know the story behind every single one of those, and I never will.

EDIT: Oops - The Garbage Dump, I mean.

I definitely approve. I remember the '60’s, which means I wasn’t there – I was just a bit too young to actually be involved in any of it, but the aesthetic is definitely a part of me. I still have a box of homebrew and low-budget light-show effects stuff (Edmund Scientific was the source for some of it) which I will someday unpack and install semi-permanently just for the sake of having it. Of course these days you can do most of the wet show/dry show effects more conveniently in software with a video projector, but…

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I like it, it sounds like Wolfmother. Very cool.

This song in particular:

I can dig that!

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If you like this kind of thing another band to check out is The Datsuns, a kiwi group https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Datsuns

Their self titled album is fantastic, really raw sound

I think the video may be original 60s footage as seen in “LSD Psychedelic Freakout” on the YouTube…

Thought it looked familiar.

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