A guide on how to recognize Nazis in the metal scene

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This paragraph, from the very end of the article, is well worth repeating here:

None of this is about watering down the music or the scene; it’s about protecting the good, and excising the rotten to ensure survival. Metal should stay weird and ugly and unpleasant and gross. Like any subculture that has been targeted by the fascist creep, heavy metal should be dangerous enough to scare off the squares—but it should also be safe for all of the misfits and weirdos who have found ourselves drawn to its intoxicating racket, as well as a wholly inhospitable environment for bigots. Heavy metal is too good for Nazis.


Heavy Metal is very easy to assume is a far right culture. Also a misogynistic culture. I know that this isn’t the thought or feeling I have when listening… yes the music is aggressive, the feeling is energizing… don’t tell me these are not feminine powers!?


My first love was metal as a teen. Then I moved into more punk bands. However, I never stopped loving metal.

I’m old, vaguely out of touch, and now whenever I find a new metal band, I have to spend time googling what the fuck is up with them. Like, just the other day, I discovered Lemmy had an infamous Nazi paraphanalia collection, all becuase someone asked what kind of hat he had, and I went down a rabbit hole into disappointment.

I read the article, and this is my exact frustrating experience.

Also, if anyone has any queer, or explicitly anti-nazi metal bands? I would love the recommendation.


Come on Boingers, help us out!


There are the anti-nazi black metal, like Neckbeard Deathcamp…

(Bandcamp link)



Thank you! I am putting them on my list.


Well…not really metal but very, very heavy. Something tells me you might like Ministry’s “middle period”. Late 80’s to mid/late 90s.

And well…Rage Against the Machine, but most everyone already knows about them :slight_smile:


TIL Bandcamp has an ‘anti-fascist’ tag:


Also: Anti Nazi Music & Artists | Bandcamp
Queer Music & Artists | Bandcamp


I always understood Lemmy to hate Nazis, but be fascinated by them- not their actual ideology, but how their psychological tactics warped minds. I think he was just fascinated by mental games people play with each other to justify power.

I might be wrong, but I’ve never seen a good explanation for it, and I’m a huge Motorhead fan.


The metal scene I grew up in encourages women to mosh, loves violence but helps people up from the pit if they’re knocked down.

If I saw actual nazis at a show I’d probably kick their ass. And others would join me.

No room for Nazis in my metal. None


There was a punk band in CT back in the 80’s whose lead singer/guitarist had a “smash fascism” sticker on his guitar, unfortunately from a distance all you could see was a swastika, which made for some awkward exchanges at shows.


Hmm - I guess I don’t listen to much metal. None of the main bands I like are in there.


Yeah, my understanding is that it was the same as with Dee Dee Ramone. They both grew up around the remains of what had happened (Dee Dee grew up in Germany; Lemmy England) and as kids tried to make sense of how the world got so crazy for a time. They were also fascinated by the Nazi craftsmanship and design (and that’s where it gets icky for me). The shock was part of it too. I think by now we would have heard if they held an fascist beliefs though. I’ve read a few books on both bands and haven’t read of anything beyond collecting. In fact, I’ve heard of Lemmy warning young musicians in the hardcore scene away from Nazi philosophy.


It would be cool if similar existed for the punk and goth scenes. Other than counting the the number of “Nazi punks F*** off” type t-shirts in the pit

Spotify in particular likes to go from playing anti-flag to nazi-bullshit.


Mentions the obvious (Rob Halford), skips Queen (who at least skirted HM in the early days.)

Shame Leather Nun doesn’t qualify as heavy metal, they’ve got a great name for it.


That’s a better more nuanced take- yep.

Anyone who’s ever seen interviews with the guy or listen to enough of his music could very well guess that he hates authority and finds it a joke more than anything so I don’t think he would have ever supported Nazis.

He supported the downtrodden if anything.

I need a Lemmy as messiah tattoo.


Yeah, this is the norm for metal shows I generally attend in Chicago. Always has been.

Heavy Metal is gross, and often fascinated with the morbid. It’s hard to imagine something more morbid and disgusting than the real life story of the Nazi party.

I don’t buy Nazi memorabilia, but I do buy a lot of games about killing Nazis.


On a personal take, I was always a big fan of the metal band Iced Earth, especially with the vocal range of Matt Barlow on Horror Show album, until Jan 6th- when Jon Schaffer, lead songwriter and rhythm guitarist, joined in the riots at the capital.

Discussing that with my brother, also a huge metalhead who loved Iced Earth, he remembered seeing some neo nazis at the last show he caught. He said he didn’t know at the time why they were there, but he understands now.

So both me and my brother are not cool with the band anymore we grew up loving because nazis and trumpism ruined it.

The early stuff of theirs, mainly with Barlow, was all I listened to, so I didn’t know that they’ve had some fucked up lyrics the last few years that apparently drew in that crowd.