Watch these teenagers totally slay a Fugazi song

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Yeah, complaining about privileged kids learning about Fugazi at a School of Rock camp is as silly as complaining about privileged kids learning about Marx at a private liberal arts college.


I’m the guy who shot the video, so maybe I can add a little bit more detail.

Just to clarify, it wasn’t a summer camp. This is the “house band” of the Cleveland location of the School of Rock, the best musicians in the school. The teachers find them gigs like any band manager would, and in this case they played two sets with the School of Rock AllStars, the very best out of more than 250 locations, in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The teachers at the various School of Rock locations are all working musicians, most of them names that really knowledgeable music fans would recognize from local, regional or national bands.

The School of Rock provides the kids the things that any aspiring musician most needs - a place to practice, musicians to practice with and inspiring teachers to guide them.

I’ve shot more than 400 concerts by the School of Rock, and the most amazing thing I’ve seen is it there are as many girls and young women learning to play music as boys and young men. By taking them out of the often toxic environment of the garage, the sexist BS is minimized. They’re able to have fun and learn and achieve great things.



Funny to see some squeaky clean kids rocking hardcore. :smile:

Good times.


Ok yeah those guys are awesome! I’m old(er) and wish I’d done anything half as cool and collaborative and joyful as this!! The lead singer has great energy. Actually they all do and the smiles all around remind me of watching David Byrne and his bands play.


Why not both?

A guy in my home town in farmville south central PA decided that anyone who first heard of The Beta Band via the movie High Fidelity couldn’t possibly be a fan. What a dick.

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The Twitter Punk Hipster was going to bring up Fugazi much sooner, but we’ve probably never heard of them.

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Fugazi played a gig a long while back on the DC Mall during a Smithsonian Festival and it was really weird seeing the now “adults” rocking out.

It makes me happy to see this young group enjoy the energy and fun that the song embodies. Rock on!


Here to join in saying - that was fucking awesome. I’m a drummer from DC, been listening to Fugazi for decades and I think it’s great to see these kids doing that.


Not only that, but the Fugazi shows I’d seen in my younger days were always affordable, even when they gained enough recognition to ask for arena-level prices.


Who wants to break it to this guy that Ian Mackaye grew up the son of a Washington Post journalist and has a net worth of $5 million?


I dunno, she didn’t swing from a basketball hoop or spazz out like she was in the late stages of tetanis. Kids these days just don’t get it.

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“if you need me to explain why a bunch of rich kids covering fugazi for a big corporate school is goofy you truly did not pay attention to any of their lyrics”

So this guy pays attention to the lyrics “I’m gonna fight for what I wanna be”, and gets inspired to be the biggest sulky pissbaby possible?


I’ve engineered a few performances/gigs from our local School of Rock.

The musicans have been great, have a blast, and it’s obvious they’re learning how to be professional at gigs. the teachers are great too, and also great musicians. it’s a kick seeing the parents all excited too.


Totes adorbs.


Goosebumps on goosebumps for me.

Thanks for this!!!

This, with the kids who do Forty Six & 2, or the Japanese girl who drums like Bonham or the American girl who loops every fucking instrument for Rage songs… we’re in good hands.


What does it matter that the complainer was a “straight-edge vegan”?

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I can’t wait to see their cover of “A Change Is Gonna Come” or “Fuck tha Police”.