Calilfornia high school water polo team filmed singing Nazi songs

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We sat down with all the administration for the schools out kids go to this summer to discuss racially based incidents our kids have faced.

My response to them was simply “expel kids like this. There is no second chance. Zero tolerance is how you approach things right? Zero god damn tolerance. EXPEL THEM”


Wow, those are a lot of economically anxious young men, huh?


Closest these Nazis have ever come to oppression is their bad haircuts.


Not from a public school.

Better to strip them of any privileges, and just eliminate the water polo team. Not to mention that the sport is hard on the horses.


Not as hard on the horses as the horses are on the water quality in the pool. You thought a little human urine was a public nuisance . . .


How young are these conservatives you’re thinking of? I’m 37 and I, uh, kinda have a general idea what USENET is - definitely never used it. Is it making a comeback among the campus Republican set? Technology is cyclical, after all.




This doesn’t surprise me at all at this HS. I worked there on/off for ten years as a long-term credentialed substitute teacher. The parents run the school and the district. I seriously doubt the district will do much about this issue, unless a majority of parents complain. (And it’s a very conservative area of Garden Grove, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.)




This in reverse with all of them in the water. Then top it off with more water.


In the neighborhood of Disneyland and (Rev. Schuller’s legacy) the Christ Cathedral. Strange ‘tidal’ forces there.


You can try to write off a quickie salute as ill-advised hi-jinks.

But a song? That takes preparation and practice. Going to be a little hard to write that off as ironic.


Nope…they are on the west side, closest to Rossmoor, Seal Beach and Cypress…north of where the 22 and the 405 meet. To be fair, all of GG is conservative, but this area is particularly white. They refer to themselves as West Grove. :roll_eyes:


If they can’t spin their youthful “indiscretions” into political gold, and succeed in spite of them, they aren’t very good conservatives and wouldn’t have fed the GOP machine very well anyway. Just look at Trumpleorangeskin.

As for for what these specific watery ass-clowns are doing, Jesus wept.

Ahhhh. Just watch.


Seriously. It was even harder on my friend named Marco.


I often have described the point of school as a place where it is ok to fail. That is how we learn; by trying and failing.
I find no idea less compatible with education than a place with no second chances. The school should try to teach them, because punishment only helps our own sad little sense of superiority, while educating them to become better people actually helps them and the people around them

edit: To be clear, in my many years of school as student or teacher I never saw any students behave this reprehensibly. My saying that they shouldn’t be expelled is not because I don’t think they desrve it, it is because I don’t think that it would help


Oh they absolutely will get away with it ! That’s the irony, that Nazis are so awful ha ha get it? See we’re having fun because we’re laughing how people suffered and now people are getting upset about it again, what a riot! ‘Cuz we won’t suffer, “they” will ! LOLS


Don’t get me wrong. I am all for that mentality for nearly all things (I’d argue there are some things there should be literally zero tolerance for) but the school systems themselves are the ones who preach zero tolerance when it comes to dress codes, certain behaviors, performance, and actions.

So if my kid and his friends are playing Starcraft in the play ground and one of them makes a gun with their finger and yells “bam bam you’re dead Zerg monster!” And the teacher and principal say “well we don’t allow simulated gun violence in school. That’s a zero tolerance. Your son is suspended for a day”.

Then I think telling high school racist pieces of shit who sing Nazi songs and make Nazi salutes can be expelled.

Your point is not wrong. And I’d like to think and hope that these kids can be taught better and learn and grow. But the reality of what we’ve seen is this shit is getting worse not better.


Well, you know, simulated extraterrestrial alien extermination compared to actively perpetuating the legacy of a group that actually perpetuated human genocidal extermination…

I can see why they punish one and not the other. /s

But I’m with @Scientist, in that if school is ostensibly to teach, then these little shits (and all involved parents and administration) should be taught. Perhaps a month of volunteer docent work at the holocaust museum while suspended, and the ability to make up the missed scholastic work with summer school… As for the staff, they should be fired. They’re not in school. They’re at work. If anyone at my work promoted Nazi BS, I would expect them to be summarily fired, and escorted off premises by security.