100 hundred years of men's fashion in one minute

From the makers of 100 years of women’s fashion.

Men’s fashion is… Problematic :smile:

It has all been downhill since the Edwardian era. Single breasted, tailored (not slouchy), and fine fabrics are requirements, not suggestions!



Um, wow? :open_mouth:

You’d find me a very scruffy individual, I fear! I wear scrubs for work —which are specially designed to fit everyone equally badly— and dress only for practicality and comfort outside of it. :smiley:

That all looks like a lot of hard work and scratchy.

Kind of expected a guy standing there in the same suit and tie for three minutes.


Jeremy Brett is the only dramatic representation of Holmes, and I’ll fight anyone who says different. (particularly the contingent of noobs who feel the need to defend the RDJ nonsense.)

you’re killing me with that file size, though.

The styles in the video are mostly horrible. I was feeling 1925 a little. Double-breasted is hard to pull off, IMO, but it was right for the time. And I do agree, pleats are an abomination (besides which, 1945 was pretty cool.) But I must disagree with your thesis. I like the Edwardian style, but to dress that way now says you refuse to participate in the present. Tailoring and bespoke suits are still important, but throwbacks are like a big neon sign of an animated tipping fedora. Also, there are so many other ways to express yourself in dress other than formal wear, some of which are valid with scruffy and loose clothing. I mean, it boils down to the whole modern art argument, I suppose.

But ya, compared to most of the vid, Edwardian is an improvement, to be sure.

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I was being silly insisting on Edwardian. Here is me being serious.

Even though I usually dress as a NW slob, bespoke and tailored clothes really make an impression. They look better, feel better, last longer, and make people silently ask themselves, " why does he just seem so much more professional?".

Navy blue can suck it, black is for wall street/financials, grey is for interviews or time out on the town, and tweed is when I am playing my ‘sophisto’ character. Which ironically always goes well at breweries, pubs, and cocktail parties.

I have more pieces tucked away (tailored, bespoke shirts are a thing of beauty, even on me). But if there is one thing to notice, I prefer flat fronts, pick stiching, appropriate cuffs, and fuckin’ dramatic linings (paisley when I can get it).


Damn, I’ll bet you look sharp. :smile:

But down on our windswept winter Southern Ocean islands, I’ll be sticking to fleeces and breathable raincoats right now, thank you!

You’re so right about bespoke stuff being so much better though. I get shoes made-to-measure and they last for years.

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Whoa, where do you get those? I wear a US 14.5, which is impossible to find.

(I also need to find a hatter. My head isn’t huuuge, but they never fit well (okay its huge))

Oh yeah–so much this. Benedict has done an amazing job. Truly AAA work. But Brett… He is Holmes. Jared Harris in the rdj version was by far the highlight, and this is from rdj fan.

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Russell Moccasin. Really good. Long waiting list. I need another pair in about 12 months time and I ought to get round to ordering now.

I don’t normally wear boots, but these are tempting.

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A nice pair of Oxfords would probably go well with a lot of the wardrobe you posted above … :wink:

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