Suitsy: The business suit onesie



Filing Suits

I had the sound muted… Is it fuzzy inside?
I need that for our next “all hands” meeting – I got bonus points from our CEO last year for wearing a tie, but they were taken back once I walked past him and he noticed that I was wearing black jeans.
The Suitsy could finally get me that promotion…

I always thought that a onesie was one of these

but the internet seems to thing that they are footie-pajamas

Salaryman cosplay: Onesie disguised as a business-suit

I can’t believe they got Cory Doctorow to endorse this.


Einstein wore exactly the same clothes every day because he didn’t want to waste time or energy thinking about what to wear. Imagine how smart I’ll be if I throw out all my clothes and just have a rack of Suitsies.


Eh, it´s been done before: The Fauxido


Alternately, don’t get a job that requires you to wear a suit. Especially don’t get a job that thinks a tie is a good idea.


This is earlier - see @ about 3.00


Hmm…great for quick costume changes in a play. Lousy for real life when you have to take a dump with your “coat” and " shirt" around your ankles.


Goodie goodie yum yum.


Apparently not, as he’s allegedly taking a #2 with the top on in the video. Does it have a flap? Is he soiling himself? I don’t know.


I dunno if I want to take his advice on tailoring if he doesn’t even know how to use a martini.


I think I could wear this, as long as it was cotton. I’ve always wanted a nehru suit like the one Arthur C. Clarke often wore. That always looked like the clothes of the future. He was also keen on the men’s sarong.


Seems to be a joke endorsement.
A suit is comfortable in part because you CAN take off the jacket and roll up the sleeves when you are in your office but can jacket up with tie when you need to look smart for a presentation. A POS ill fitted suit suit is wasted effort and money.
This thing looks as schleppy as a sweatsuit so couldn’t be worn in place of a suit anyways.


From the facebook comments on their crowdfunding page (because I don’t use my faceballs account):

So you are saying I can go to sleep in what feels like pajamas, wake up and not have to change to go to work? Genius.

Someone needs to explain telecommuting to this man. I already do this. Every day.


must be a pain going to the toilet


If you only need to look professional for conference calls, I give you the Business Bib:


I miss the days when people actually made an effort to look nice in public. I suppose it still exists in some countries like Italy where people dress smart for everyday dealings, but the US standard of dress is becoming all about pajama pants and flip-flops it seems.


I agree. I don’t mind sometimes dressing down but it takes all the fun out of it if you never dress up.



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Flip-flops? ugh! Too damn constraining…