100 useful tips from a bygone era

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I like how the “how to draw this duck” one basically amounts to

STEP 1. See this duck?
STEP 2. Why don’t you go ahead and draw it.

Which is how all art instruction manuals read to me, to be honest.


That’s exactly why it’s so easy to draw Doug in 4 steps or less.


Heck, I draw for a living and it’s how all art instruction manuals read to me.


Hacks. 19th century hacks. I’ll bet they’re disruptive artisanal hacks. And curated.


“To make potatoes dry and floury when cooked…”

Why on earth would I want to do that? Is this one of those terrible English cuisine things?

Also re: rolling a cork under the sole of your shoe that you’ve been walking around the 19th century in? I’ll take a knife to it instead, thanks.


As opposed to wet, glucky mashed potatoes? Don’t tell me, let me guess: you use an electric mixer to make your mashed potatoes, don’t you? :wink:


L_M -

Hey - this is a crazy coincidence. Yesterday I was reading a recipe for something (forget for what at the moment) & it called for dry, flowery, potatoes when cooked.

So I guess it is a thing. It’s weird though…I’ve cooked for most of my life - even occasionally for money & I read cookbooks for fun - but I’m not sure if I’ve seen this term before yesterday. Or I’m having a brain cramp – but even if I am - it’s not a common term.



No, I use a handheld masher and butter and cream. I don’t know if I’d say wet, but if you were to drop a forkful on your shirt it would leave a spot, unlike dry fluffy mashed potatoes.

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What I think it might be is a reference to using a Russet-type potato rather than a new potato. The differences between them make them good for different types of recipes.


Loopduck is all t3h loops. Just follow through with the same sort of color rip matte for DJ Kool Herc, Lasercat, Moonbeam City pilot, Bob’s Burgers S8: Adirondack Sucession Arc, etc.

As there seem to be no details to the images past the color registration patterns, how about just saving the library page for handy disuse and remixing? Fix ya catarrh up right quick with some card thing, yep. Whyever wasn’t that in ads for tablet games? It was “I’mma just leave this right here” before people ruined it with legible text, animGIF, ultrasonic cabal-calling, or streaming internet video.

STEP 3. Infinite practice.

Step 1 draw a spade.

Sadly, shortly after they printed the “How to roll your own cigarettes” card, they went out of business.


Is there one on how to smash watermelons?

You want the moisture to come from the cream, not the boiled potatoes. You want them as dry as possible, mashed as finely as possible before you add any other liquid, and then go from there.

Oh man, mashed potatoes. I haven’t had a carb hit like that in a while, it’s making me drool.

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Mom, is that you?

(The worst of the moms I’ve had, but boy-oh-boy did she know about cooking.)

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Ha!!! I picked up the exact tip they describe on that card from a TV show, maybe 15 years ago? My mash has never been the same since!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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