100K Hungarians march against Internet tax


A tax designed to restrict and discourage the free flow of information… just how does Entropy manage to find so many stooges eager to do its bidding?


You propose, we dispose.

What else ya got?

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At first I thought, “in the annals of clueless politicians, this guy has a place of prominence,” but thinking about it, I’m not so sure. It makes a certain perverse sense, if you don’t see the country as having significant internet businesses (that are serving up data to the population), and you have a desperate, authoritarian need to keep the country the way it is, unchanging, and under your control. Although he does sound at least incompetent: perhaps a clueless authoritarian.

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100,000 is 1% of the entire population of Hungary. In terms of scale, it’s equivalent to 3 million people marching in the US.

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