Donald Trump thinks he can call Bill Gates to "close up" the internet

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To be fair, when Bill Gates was in charge Microsoft did try and kill off the nascent public Internet in favour of MSN.


Yeah…those foolish people and their “freedom of speech.” Gates isn’t the techie he used to be. If Trump is really serious about ways to “close up” the interwebs, he should go right to the guy who started it all: Al Gore.


Indeed, though that attempt fared no better than the various other pre-internet walled garden relics; now dead or reduced to being ‘portals’ that try to capture internet user traffic. IE6 and ActiveX managed to throw a spanner in the works for a number of years; but since MS never closed off their platform, they couldn’t stem the tide of browsers that sucked less.

If it weren’t for the fact that you’d need an Ouija board; you’d be much better off calling Steve Jobs. He’s the one who actually managed to shove the internet(partly) back into the box after it had already gotten out; with the ‘app’-ification of even things that could trivially be done as web sites. That and the most popular cryptographically enforced walled garden in consumer electronics history.


Fits nicely with the rest of his “ban the 1st Amendment” agenda. I love how short sighted this guy is. If the 1st Amendment gets repealed, and the political winds change, guess who gets sent to the Gulag?


Personally, i’ve heard three main theories for Trump’s ravings of late.

  1. He’s actually that crazy.
  2. He’s intentionally aiming for the ‘tea party’ vote
  3. He’s intentionally acting as a lightning-rod to make the other GOP candidates look at least slightly more moderate by comparison

I still cannot decide between them IMHO, they’re all possible and not even that exclusive of each other…


I don’t think that was the only reason. The things that can be done as websites use more bandwidth and more battery than apps (if the apps are properly designed). As well as borrowing the Linux distro repository system to make money for Apple, appification allowed the iPhone to be small and thin while still having acceptable battery life.
But you are completely right. Apple and Microsoft both would benefit from Trump-style restrictions on public access to the Internet, and Facebook is already trying to build its own hermetic system. Only Google really benefits from an open Internet.


Kind of a strange derailing, but… I think it’s more accurate to say that Apple created a device that could support apps, and then opened up a development platform for third parties to create things that web-apps could never accomplish efficiently.

And yes, I’m quite glad that their app store and my device is cryptographically enforced, as opposed to being easily hit with worms and malware like some other devices I know of.



He looks around the room, says: “These are foolish people. We have a lot of foolish people.”
He would know.


That seems to me to be a very…Republican…observation.
Gore never claimed to have “invented” the Internet. He really did put effort, from a long time ago, into encouraging the development of an open, public internet. Your snark seems extremely misdirected.



He can have the guys from the IT Crowd get them The Internet from the top of Big Ben. Seems easier than having to go through Bill Gates.


Fortunately for him, almost certainly not him. That’s one of the nice things about being a fascist. The progressives on the other side genuinely believe that there shouldn’t gulags. If all goes well one day rich white men will have to worry about being treated with respect and fairness without getting to lord that over everyone else, but they probably never have to worry about being oppressed. I guess they might have to worry about execution, depending on the form of the revolution.


I assume Trump is planning on being El Douche for Life as soon as he gets elected.


I don’t know, he’s really good at burning bridges. Yet I was more referring to the general notion of suppressing free speech and how that could potentially shake out for the xenophobes cheering Trump on.

@MikeR: Sounds legit. Assuming this isn’t some grand false-flag performance art thing.


You heard it here first folks. People who believe in freedom of speech are foolish people.

Well… Mr. Trump. It’s in your own country’s constitution along with that gun part, religious part and legal rights part. Turns out the forefathers of America were foolish people after all.


After WW2, even the Russians executed fewer of the Nazis than one might have expected. A lot of the ones who escaped were never properly followed up to Spain or South America. The only one who I thought got a raw deal was Speer, who was as sane as von Guderian (who just retired after the War.) but wasn’t in the regular Army.
There does seem to be something in the human mentality that protects fallen leaders, even when they are murdering psychos.

In fairness, Nell didn’t use the word “invented” either like Republican pundits tend to. And what Al Gore did say was kind of clumsy: “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.” So I think a teensy bit of ridicule is fair.

#1, all-in.