104 killed after Israel forces open fire on crowd waiting for food aid; Gaza death toll reaches 30,000

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This is undeniably a war crime.

I’m sure Israel will conclude this was an attack committed by Hamas on its own people.


But, but the White House says it’s just a “serious incident”.

So much for Joe’s pipe dream of a ceasefire in the coming days.


It is. And it’s not the first, either. This shit has to stop.

Clearly, those people were being used as human shields, waiting to get some food, around those aid trucks… /s


The Israeli government is now blaming the truck drivers.

From the Guardian’s liveblog:

48m ago14.21 GMT

Israeli government spokesperson Avi Hyman has spoken to reporters. He said “we’re not sure of the specifics quite yet” and described Thursday’s incident during aid distribution near Gaza City, as a “tragedy”.

Hyman claimed that initial indications were that deaths were caused by delivery drivers plowing into a surging crowd: “At some point the trucks were overwhelmed and the people driving the trucks, which were Gazan civilian drivers, plowed into the crowds of people, ultimately killing, my understanding is, tens of people. It’s obviously a tragedy but we’re not sure of the specifics quite yet.”

Health authorities in Gaza say 104 people have been killed and 280 injured in the incident.

The precise details of the incident remain unclear, and it has not been possible for journalists to independently verify the casualty figures being issued.


I’m sorry, you’ve misspelled Hamas…


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I just don’t have the patience to see how this will be explained away as being not a big deal or as an unfortunate but unavoidable thing.


From an AP article:

Kamel Abu Nahel, who was being treated for a gunshot wound at Shifa Hospital, said he and others went to the distribution point in the middle of the night because they heard there would be a delivery of food.

“We’ve been eating animal feed for two months,” he said.

He said Israeli troops opened fire on the crowd, causing it to scatter, with some people hiding under nearby cars. After the shooting stopped, they went back to the trucks, and the soldiers opened fire again. He was shot in the leg and fell over, and then a truck ran over his leg as it sped off, he said.


Antifa! No, it won’t matter. Palestinians are subhuman, dangerous animals and must be put down, from their view. I can’t find the quote now, and I may be getting it wrong, but I recall a comment from an official being asked about women and children being killed responding to the effect of “They are wives and children of Hammas.” Fuck them.


For the aerial surveillance video:


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It’s not helpful that I’m also watching the video by Some More News about the discussion over genocide…

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That shows hungry people desperate for food swarming aid cars carrying food for them. “Aggressive intentions” my ass. What utter bullshit.


To add to the excellent Some More News segment: Shaun also recently released a video covering Palestine. Notably less jokes and covers some of the same area, but does cover the history a little better. I’d recommend it to anyone who isn’t really keeping up on the situation.


Or, as Israelis say it, “Khamas”.

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As reports circulate of up to 100 killed in Northern Gaza, Israeli security minister Ben Gvir says “the episode proves that the transfer of aid is not only madness but also endangers our forces. Transferring aid to Gaza harms our soldiers and serves as oxygen for Hamas”. The breakdown in social order, widely predicted by aid agencies and the UN, has happened. UK and US govt, unwilling to confront the fact they were dealing with some Israeli politicians that wanted to starve Gaza into submission, reduced to advocating aid air drops.
UK ministers told MPs this week it is impossible at this stage to tell if humanitarian law is being breached.


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Translation: “When aid reaches civilians in Gaza and we massacre them, video and reports of the massacre give credence to Palestinian claims we are committing genocide. Therefore, aid is bad!”


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I have to assume this was the point in the first place. They aren’t shooting every Palestinian, but they are plainly trying to starve them. So here was a crowd that was trying to eat, and those ones they murdered, and are now saying that just proves the food shouldn’t be there.

This is ethnic cleansing in the open, making a mockery of Never Again, and ought to be shameful for everyone who has stood with Likud for the rest of existence. :rage: :disappointed: