$10k reward to find horrible person gunning down sea otters


Bit of a shock in that it’s happening in Santa Cruz, which is (in best conservative voice) chock full of lib’ruhls.


There are some “people” who are actually just self-propelled shit bags.


That would be most people. Unless you want to call them “blood bags”.

I prefer the term “stateful bags of meat-logic”.


Not to be “that guy”, but those appear to be river otters. Still ridiculously cute, however.

edit: Just to clarify, sea otters are the cute shellfish bashing ones, river otters are the cute fish/duck/rodent/whatever devouring ones.


Was waiting for that… (surprised that it took THAT long)

Edit: I should add that one should use the proper scientific name when referring to river otters: water-cat-snakes


Ha. I was also surprised to be the first. Just doing my part…:wink:


It’s actually a more complicated mix. If you head up into the hills around Santa Cruz you’ll find more than your fair share of hippie communes, but you will also find compounds housing white nationalist groups and all kinds of other anti-gummint folks.


And one of the greatest tourist traps in the USA.


That looks like Nurtured by Nature, near San Diego, where you can swim with otters. It’s not cheap, but one day, one day, I’ll live out my dreams, just like Nathan Fillion.



Ya, but you need to plan about a year or two in advance to live out your dreams… (they have most of their slots booked way in advance)


Hunting innocent creatures is such a cowardly, nay, Kraven act…


I will waive the reward if I’m allowed to set him on fire.


How much is the reward for gunning down the horrible person and feeding them to the sea otters?


10x score modifier!


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