$10k reward to find horrible person gunning down sea otters

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You are aware that they can skeletonize a grown woman in under 30 seconds?

If they find this yahoo, they need to anchor him near the water’s edge during low tide and just walk away.


Thank you for this gif. I saw the headline and I thought, “Uh-uh. I am not going to read about this.”


Are otters considered a nuisance by some people? Not that that would justify anything. I’m just trying to figure out what would compel someone to do this. Do they make annoying noises late at night? Do they burrow under your foundation? Do they rob your lobster traps? I don’t get it.


People suck.


I had a neighbor who sprinkled corn on his driveway and shot the pigeons with a shotgun. It should have occurred to him that it was a bad idea in the suburbs but he thought it would be fun.

I have a bad feeling the same thing is motivating the person killing otters.


I will personally pay $10k to find someone killing otters for fun.


Trying to determine if this case would elicit the attention of Elementary’s Holmes…

I think yes.


Is Brock Turner out yet?


I… I think you are thinking about beavers. I don’t recall otters being considered a nuisance, but they aren’t around my parts so I could be wrong.


Please. The article clearly states that someone is shooting the otters, not raping them.


They probably eat abalone, so perhaps an abalone poacher?


Unfortunately, many people that make a living fishing and diving for fish, shellfish, and echinoderms think that they are super predators that do nothing positive for them. One of the problems finding these kind of people is that few if any will hear the gun shot. Another problem in finding somebody that does this, is that people that sympathize with the perpetrators are not likely to report the crime if they see it occur. Lastly, $10k is a good sum of money, but not enough to alienate one from one peers, especially when those peers offer tips as to locations of prey and are possible first responders should they need help.

Not all people that make a living by the sea are like this, but enfough are miopic and do not see a larger picture- a picture that includes other people and businesses or one that sees a diverse ecosystem as more sustainable and stable. There are also those on the other side of the argument that do not understand the need or existence of those that live by harvesting from the ocean. This further polarizes arguments and actions.


fucking fucks.

My boyfriend and I had oysters in Monterey during my last sabbatical, and we watched sea otters eating mussels in the bay. These are animals that are nothing but adorable. Why the hell would anyone hurt something like that?

fucking fucks


Is it a dead or alive reward? A friend wants to know


I have pigeons on my driveway. Big fat ones. There are usually two in the tree over my car, straining hard, while the third goes off scouting for more roughage. Or having noisy sex among the branches outside my window when I am trying to concentrate. When I am working at home, I try to persuade them to go elsewhere with my catapult, but that rarely works for long. They also sit in the road and pick bits of dead squirrel, while cars screech to a halt and honk. Cute they ain’t. I would swap them for otters any day.


This is how I read this. Unsure why. giggles


I was looking at the otters at the zoo one time, and it didn’t make them any less adorbs that one of them was languidly tearing the head off a rat with its teeth.


As someone who lives at the top of a tower block, I can confirm noisy pigeon sex can indeed put you off your stroke.


Maybe there should be a private reward fund. Seriously. I’d give to it. I’d help with. I probably ought to volunteer to create it, but I’m not quite the right person. Get the reward up to a nice scary number like $250,000, which probably wouldn’t be out of the question with sea otters and social media. That alone might deter the fuck doing this.

There could be a second benefit: if the fund went unclaimed for, say five years, the terms of the fundraising could be that it went to the Center For Marine Mammals.