11 new games released this year for ... the Atari Lynx?

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I really need to find myself an old 3DO. I have an entire crate of games for it.

I like that some old school platforms are kept alive like this.


This screenshot from a forthcoming Amstrad 8-bit game makes me mad, there was nooothing remotely this good during the shelf life of the system


Would it be possible to replace standard batteries with some sort of lithium rechargeable ? (Referring to the comment about poor battery life)

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The design was what made me want the original Lynx, but when mine broke, I learned they had redesigned the later models to be significantly less unique (looking just like a Game Gear)

Because people were still figuring stuff out back in them days, several Lynx titles, like Klaxx and Gauntlet, were designed to be played with the thing held sideways, which was a bit awkward, but more importantly meant the LCD screen looked different to your left and right eye, which was not good.

BUT an interesting side effect was that in Gauntlet, when you go to the information terminals that display sideways-scrolling green text on a black computer screen, it creates a no-glasses 3D effect and it looks like the text is an inch behind the real screen. That’s the sort of thing you don’t get with emulation.


I really enjoyed my Atari Lynx. There were only a few games for it, but the display was better than both the Game Boy and GameGear. GameGear had much better games though.

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This is even more proof that Unilever chose to co-brand their Lynx deodorant with the wrong game console. Long live the Lynx!

“It’s big in Europe!”

(The cry of every failing computer/game console of the era.)



    (turns to camera)

It was not big in Europe.


Oh man, I miss my Lynx I and II. Sure, there were some clunkers, but also some wonderful games. Slime World, Gates to Zendocon, California Games, Scrapyard Dog… ah, the memories. Googling about for the games, I see the this LCD upgrade and, while involved, how lovely - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIer2-KAn7o

I thought “big in Japan” was where it’s at in the 1980ies?

There’s also people still dedicated to making new ColecoVision games, complete with cartridges. And they sell fast and aren’t cheap.

Big in Japan might actually be true. Big in Europe means “Someone saw one in that shop off High Street.”

I bought mine JUST for the S.T.U.N. Runner translation, and it was wholly worth it.

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