110-year-old message in a bottle gets returned to sender


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The coolest thing about this is they paid them a shilling for returning it just like the note said. I wonder if MBA has a stash of shillings or if they had to go to a coin collector to get one.


Doesn’t sound like they need much of a stash. One per century?


Shillings aren’t all that uncommon even now. Despite being replaced by the 5 pence piece in 1971 when the coinage was switched to the decimal system, shillings were still frequently used in the UK all the way up until 1990. I still have a few, maybe up to a dozen, kicking about in a pot of “old coins” I have somewhere, though they probably were minted after this message was sent out to sea.


From the article: “…the MBA went online to eBay and found an old shilling they were able to send to her,
along with a letter of thanks.”

Since they went to the trouble of going to eBay, I really hope they found a shilling from 1904 or earlier.


The sender is 131 years old. Good thing it is immortal.


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