12 pack of Bicycle playing cards

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Or you could, you know, buy a few decks of plastic cards.

But the NPH cards are fabulous.

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Those are pretty but I still love nothing better than the Contraband set.

Oh, but the NPH set has a puzzle.

Guess I’m buying a new pack of playing cards. THANKS BOINGBOING!

Wow, those look really cool.
Funny, I first read that link title - “Neil Patrick Harris Playing Cards” and expected a video of him… playing cards. :slight_smile:

I have the Bicycle 12 pack in my amazon cart already. A group of us plays Texas Hold 'em once a month at a friend’s house and it’s nice to have fresh cards all the time. Especially since we drink beer and eat chips and salsa while playing. Right before getting Chicago dogs for take out from around the corner.

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Plastic cards aren’t good for magic tricks.

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I always forget that people use cards to play games!


That is an excellent reason to have lots of decent but inexpensive cards on hand. I primarily use them at sea, which can be incredibly boring. I practice shuffles and flourishes when I am stuck on the bridge. It keeps my hands busy, without distracting me from being vigilant. I tend to accumulate really good cards, although my skill level probably does not justify it.

I hate Vegas and I hate casino’s BUT, sometimes one finds oneself in Vegas for something and I like to grab a few packs of cards at one of the gift stands. When we were at the MGM for the Phish Halloween run last year, they had great cards 2 for a buck.

Every couple of years, I take my kids to Vegas and we spend a week binging on Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, and Penn & Teller.

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I need to see their show.

Gambling, even!

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