13-year-old Indonesian jazz prodigy lives up to the hype


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/26/13-year-old-indonesian-jazz-pr.html


Nice, that’s one real cool cat.


This kid is great. Being this smooth at such a young age probably means his compressed Jazz-musician timeline should put him at unlistenably experimental by about 18 1/2 though…


Aw man, I love Prodigy.

Wait, what are we talking about?


That’s the same age most jazz kids go through their unlistenably experimental stage, only his unlistenably experimental stuff might actually be good.


he’s even got the Dave Brubeck glasses. I was feeling it. pretty swell, woudn’t you say, @Gyrofrog?


Wait until he’s old enough to grow a Vince Guaraldi mustache.


The bassist in the iso booth looks hilariously sketchy. “Hey kid… I’m watching you through this tiny window…”

But yeah, this kid is good. Damn good. Usually you can tell the prodigies are young, even if they’re technically good, on how clinical they sound. But this kid just gets on with it. I wish I’d heard him play blind for the first time to circumvent any expectation bias.


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